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The best waterproof case on planet earth

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Now firstly I have to confess I'm not the best with phones. I have lost a few in my time, I bet you already have a good idea of where this story is going! Including one recently in Dublin bay, after a few too many drinks at the National Yacht club at the end of the ISORA yacht racing series....

Anyway, said phone is lost to the world it went overboard and is lost forever. So you guessed it, I needed a new phone! It seemed an odd coincidence, but I had a message come through in the dinghy sailing group chat on WhatsApp. The day before I lost my phone a lady had found some items at the bottom of the dried out lake, including a muddied case with a phone inside.....a phone I had lost at the bottom of the lake 2 years ago!

I had just got a brand new iPhone XS in June 2020 and absolutely loved it, so I went online and bought an ULTRA DRY phone case so I could take it on the boat and take some pictures in June. It was a beautiful day the sun was shining and I was so looking forward to getting some photos.

Look how happy I am here prior to the 'incident' .....I pop the lanyard round my neck and off we go, I jump into the boat and we sail across the lake the sun beaming what a lovely day. I notice my neck is light, I look down at the lanyard and the phone is gone, snapped off the lanyard and I feel a sinking sensation in my stomach....gone, my new phone... only a week old! I know it's only a material possession but it wasn't insured and it wasn't' a good feeling.

We race back to shore quickly, as it must have snapped off as I hopped into the boat!I am hoping I can find it, but it's no where to be seen in the murky water. I use my friends phone to check on find my iPhone. The phone is still on...still ringing but no where to be found. The back of my car is like Mary Poppins handbag so I got my snorkel mask out the boot and my sailing buddies younger brother offered to search for the phone using my snorkel mask.... I even bought a magnet from amazon to try and find it....but no luck after 2 days of searching... so in June 2020 I considered the phone to be gone forever until.....

I received this message in the sailing group chat! my phone.... unbelievable it was on, surely not I thought but it was fine after 2 whole years at the bottom of Torside reservoir!

If you are thinking of a Christmas gift to get or you want to get a waterproof case I would highly recommend the Ultra Dry pouch

HERE is the link to the case as well as a great dry bag, possibly the best waterproof phone case you will ever buy! I am still using the phone today and it's rather sentimental now... let's hope this time it stays in my possession!

Thanks for reading and happy sailing over the festive period

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